Veecraft develops first-of-class fast patrol boat

POSTED 27 May 2015

Sea Scorpion is a new fully armoured patrol boat for the protection of high-value assets such as offshore oil and gas installations. Partnering with Icarus Marine Naval architects, Veecraft developed this first-of-class fast patrol boat to withstand multiple hits on the same spot from AK47 automatic assault rifles.

The armoured steel patrol boat is fully ballistic protected to NIJ level III (AK47). Veecraft CEO André van Niekerk said additional protection against armour piercing rounds can be provided. 

“As true multimission craft, the Sea Scorpion is ideal for anti-piracy, anti-smuggling, counter-terrorism and coastal patrol, “said van Niekerk. “Its proven design features rib launching off the stern and four-point lifting. We also provided for easy beach landing by means of bow discharge.”

With an overall length of 14.9m and beam of 4.1m, Sea Scorpion is powered by two 788bhp water jet propulsors, giving a top speed of 40 kts under full load. Sea trials on the sister vessel have proven all design parameters. An installed fuel capacity of 1500 litres gives a range of 180 nautical miles with 5 per cent reserve. Crewed by four, Sea Scorpion can carry 11 Special Forces troops equipped with water and provisions for three days.