Veecraft visit Liliebloem Children’s Home

POSTED 27 May 2015

The Veecraft Team joined a team totaling one thousand and thirty-nine men woman and children who visited Liliebloem Children’s Home. Under the supervision of Newkidz Team leaders the volunteers painted and cleaned buildings and grounds. Areas that need attention were repaired. It was an amazing site to see so many people giving up their time for this very necessary establishment.

There were a total of 48 companies involved who gave up there time for free or at a huge discount. A number of companies worked until late at night to complete the work.

Even the weather played the game in the middle of Winter, the wettest time of the year. The value of this project was a staggering R 1,200,000.00.

The improvements included: interior painting of three double story buildings; new light fittings; plumbing repair work; re-upholstery of lounge furniture; new tops for all six dining room tables; murals on the walls; new bedding on all the beds; blinds on all the windows.

Five of the cottages got brand new kitchen cupboards; tiling; new bathroom fittings; carpet tiles and Novilon was laid in the passages and kitchens; brand new small appliances for the cottages; paving; new lawn was laid; a vegetable garden and orchard was created; garden landscaping; the entire perimeter wall was panted; tarmac at the front of the property was repaired; veranda covering was replaced and all the windows were washed.

The Management of Newkidz takes everyone for their amazing effort.

Team Veecraft Marine is proud to have been involved in this project.